Veritas International, LLC is a private firm specializing in Intelligence, Protection, Threat Management, Risk Assessments, Training and Consulting.  The Veritas team consists of intelligence and protection specialists with experience ranging from military, law enforcement, medical, government and private sector contracting. Veritas specialists have served all over the United States and abroad, which include countries such as Iraq, Afghanistan, Israel, Kosovo, Jamaica, and the Bahamas. Members of the Veritas team have been involved in executive and personal protection services for celebrities, athletes, CEO’s, royal families and corporations. Veritas business philosophy is to operate with the upmost respect and discretion no matter the needs of each client.

Owner & CEO of Veritas International

Alex Ferrer:



Alex Ferrer, owner and CEO of Veritas International LLC, has over 19 years of experience in Law Enforcement and over 10 years of experience in the private security and intelligence field. His knowledge and expertise include investigating violent crimes, managing and conducting undercover operations and tactics, participating as a member of the Orange County Sheriff’s Office Emergency Response Unit, field training officer for Orange County Sheriff’s Office, as well as working with other federal law enforcement agencies such as DEA (Drug Enforcement Agency), ICE (Immigration Customs Enforcement), FBI (Federal Bureau of Investigations) and the Secret Service.

Alex has undergone extensive hours of training throughout his career in areas such as firearms, tactical weapons handling, undercover operations and tactics, vehicle takedown, electronic and physical surveillance, counter surveillance, anti-terrorism, mobile field force, less lethal deployment and munitions selection, entry techniques, report writing and investigation, interview techniques, dignitary protection, response to WMD (Weapons of Mass Destruction), along with stress awareness and resolution.

Alex has also obtained certifications as an instructor in areas such as firearms, less lethal deployment, shoot house, and human diversity. He also holds licenses in the State of Florida for investigations, bodyguard, and armed securities.  He is an NRA certified instructor for both civilians and Law Enforcement.

Alex is an active member of ASIS, ABCHS, NTOA, and NRA.

Trainers & Consultants

 Matt Breen: (Consultant / Instructor)

  • 25 years retired Law enforcement officer in the State of Florida.
  • 20 years Special Operations. Served 15 years as a K-9 handler/Certified Trainer and SWAT team Leader.
  • United Nations Mission Kosovo. Assigned to Special Operations Close Protection Unit. Conducted numerous close protection missions in a war torn country.
  • Lead firearms instructor at the Osceola County Sheriffs Office. Lead weapon instructor with H&K at Blackwater training facility. Training hundreds of students world wide.
  • Blackwater Training Group. Assignment Afghanistan.  Weapons instructor, Law Enforcement instructor, Small unit tactics. Quality Assurance Specialist Afghan Boarder Training Program.  Certified Criminal Justice firearms instructor in the State of Florida for over 18 years.


L.R. "Ed" Edwards (Consultant / Instructor)

  • 21 years in Law Enforcement in the State of Florida (Active)
  • Current SWAT operator and SRT Assistant Team Leader
  • Firearms, CQB, Sub Gun, & SWAT tactics certified instructor
  • Graduate of Gunny Hathcock Sniper School  
  • Lead Fugitive Unit Tactical Instructor, Surveillance, Counter Surveillance, Undercover Operations, Mechanical Breaching, Simunitions, Lead Scenario, Armored Vehicle Instructor and Coordinator. 
  • Has been involved in over 700 high risk warrant executions. 


Nick Brown (Instructor)

  • 11 years in Law Enforcement in the State of Florida (Active)
  • Current SWAT operator and sniper
  • Firearms, Shoot house, CQB and SWAT tactics certified instructor
  • Graduate of the Gunny Hathcock Sniper School


Marcel Caron (Consultant / Instructor)

  • 23 years in Law Enforcement in the State of Florida (Active)
  • Former Hostage Negotiator 
  • Multiple certifications in Dignitary Protection, Terrorism, Narco-Terrorism, Hostage Negotiations and tactical operations.
  • Assists FBI, Secret Service, Department of State Diplomatic Security, Department of Commerce and several other government agencies with dignitary protection duties.