Don’t leave your safety to chance.


Our Protection Specialists have diverse and vast experiences ranging from Military, Law Enforcement, Medical and Private Security backgrounds. They have worked in countries such as Afghanistan, Saudi Arabia, Kosovo, Israel, Costa Rica, Bahamas, and Jamaica. The team brings experience in multiple scenarios such as participating in protection details to include US Presidents, Middle East Royal Families, CEOs, Public Officials and High Profile Figures.

You want a firm that can provide Protection Specialists who can handle the tests of the streets but also the professionalism of the boardroom, as well as blend in black tie or casual events.

Executive / Dignitary Protection                                   

  • Family
  • CEO/Corporate VIP
  • Political HQ/Campaign Office Security
  • Celebrity/Sports Figures
  • Stalking Victims
  • Witness Protection


Corporate Protection

  • Risk Assessment
  • Threat Management
  • Workplace Violence
  • Layoff Security
  • Venue Integrity
  • Product Launches
  • Explosives Sweep
  • Audio/Video Sweeps


Property Protection

  • Property Protection
  • Estate Security
  • Uniformed
  • Plain Clothes
  • Structure Security
  • Merchandise Security
  • Vehicle/Vessel/Motorcycle Transportation Security


Emergency Response

  • Natural Disaster Security
  • Utilities/Construction Security